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Hospitality Management Course

Hospitality Management course is a broad field that deals with applying management principles in hospitality. It can refer to various industries, including foods and beverages, travel and accommodation, event management, etc.

The hospitality industry in India, at current, is considered as a ‘Sunrise Industry,’ which means that it has a considerable scope soon. That’s why choosing the right hotel management institute to pursue hospitality courses becomes very important. It is expected that India will see 30.5 million International tourists by the end of this decade. That is why the demand for hospitality courses in India is rising to secure a job in the growing sector. Retail has also become one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic industries. There are many job opportunities in retail as well, from managerial to executive positions. India is the fifth largest destination for retail in the world. The country is seeing steady growth in E-commerce, and customers can choose from a broader range of products at lower prices. The most significant change in the retail industry is likely to be E-commerce, and this trend will likely continue for many years.

Hospitality Management courses will teach you how to apply management principles in the hospitality industry and manage administrative tasks in a hotel. The hospitality courses allow students to gain experience in various areas, such as food production, foods & beverages services, management services, housekeeping, catering, front office operation, and many more.

With an 8-month Hospitality Management course, the IAHR hospitality management institute in Lucknow will allow candidates to work in the hospitality industry with top national and international chains of hotels, leisure industries, and hubs such as cruises, theme parks, clubs, resorts, holiday planners, or any hospitality setups along the country’s vast coastline.

This hotel management course in Lucknow will help you improve your position as a hospitality manager and develop strategies that can be used to support your staff. The hospitality courses provide a broad range of content covering everything from guest loyalty to financial management to team building. It also provides the skills necessary to succeed in a managerial role, and you will be able to manage multiple aspects of the hospitality industry to your full potential.

Benefits of Benefits of IAHR Hospitality Management Course

The 8-month IAHR hospitality management course provides a complete education for energetic, enthusiastic people who have a passion for people and service. Some of the benefits of this hospitality course are:

1. Great job and career opportunities
IAHR Hospitality course in lucknow will direct your career in a multitude of sectors, such as

  • Front Office/Guest Relations
  • Travel Industry
  • Operations/Back Office
  • Leisure Industry
  • Retail Executives/Managers in Hospitality & Retail Sector
  • Retail Industry, including Malls and Retail Chains
  • Customer Care & Relations in Hospitality & Retail Retail Industry
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Chains of Fashion stores
  • Consumer Durables Stores
  • Electronic Appliances/Food Chains

2. Global exposure
Because of the broad reach of the hospitality course, hospitality is one of few careers that can lead to international exposure. The IAHR, hotel management institute in lucknow and its hospitality courses will allow you to work in international hotels and resorts. You will gain global exposure, allowing you to understand other cultures and customs. This will enhance your professional experience as well.

3. Job Security
There is an increased demand for hospitality professionals due to many jobs generated globally. This makes the aviation and hospitality management courses a brilliant study option.

4. Significant Growth
The certificate courses in tourism and hospitality management can help you develop professionally and personally so one should choose the right certificate course in tourism and hospitality management.

5. Diversity
Hospitality is about welcoming people. Depending on your industry, you might be able to greet international travellers with diverse stories and backgrounds. Hospitality and hotel management courses are perfect for a diverse workforce and a broad customer base.

Prerequisites for IAHR Hospitality Management Course

The IAHR hospitality management course allows you to study in one of the best hotel management institutes in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. However, to apply for the hospitality & hotel management courses, a candidate must fulfil the following requirements.

  • They must be 17 years and above.
  • Students who have passed their 12th (graduation appearing/pass can also apply)
  • Students studying in the 12th grade can also apply. However, the certificate will be awarded only after passing the 12th grade.
  • Basic knowledge of regular English
  • Flair for the service industry
  • Having a pleasing personality

IAHR Hospitality Management Course Details

Hospitality management course duration is 8 months during this, one will have to study a long list of subjects. These subjects cover almost all domains in the field of study.

The English language is an integral part of the hospitality course, as it facilitates communication. It is the most widely used language in the world. English is essential for students because it expands their minds, develops emotions, and improves their quality of life by offering job opportunities. This language is necessary for all types of personal and professional goals.

Hospitality courses in Lucknow from IAHR will teach you tenses, punctuation, and vocabulary. You can also learn how to converse with people or groups. Interactive sessions will be used to help you build confidence through role-play, group discussions, and extempore.

Good communication skills are essential for all to understand information more accurately and quickly. Poor communication skills can lead to frustration and frequent misunderstandings.

And also, tourism management courses of IAHR are designed to learn extraordinary communication skills from industry leaders, and they teach you body language, voice modulation, and listening skills.

IAHR developed a module on retail management in the hospitality management course to recognize its importance in the retail business field. This module was designed to meet the current human resources requirements in Retail Management and is fully industry-acceptable because it has the support of specialists. IAHR, Hotel Management Institute in Lucknow, will teach you how to manage inventory, online and offline stores, customer behaviour, payment processing, and essential accounting management for human resources.


Hospitality offers a wide range of jobs and opportunities. In many different ways, the hospitality industry is vital, and this is a critical part of any country’s industry, although often overlooked.

This Hospitality and hotel management course in Lucknow will prepare you for many options such as Front Office, Back Office, Customer Relations, and Guest Relations. During the certificate courses in tourism and hospitality management, students will learn about check-in and check-out, the types of hotels, the common terminology used in the hospitality industry, etc.

Personality development can help you gain acceptance and recognition from society and the people around you. Personality development is essential for both professional and personal life as this makes an individual more organised, punctual, and a valuable asset to their company.

The trainers of IAHR, hotel management institute in lucknow can teach you the necessary skill set in these hospitality and hotel management courses and match industry trends. This highly participative personality development module will make you more attractive and presentable, and it will also help you face any professional or personal challenges with confidence and a smile. Students will learn how to manage stress, improve their upbeat attitude, communicate, use powerful body language, work in teams, and understand the professional protocols for the service industry.

Grooming is a vital part of maintaining self-esteem and self-confidence. This is because your appearance can impact how you view yourself.

IAHR hotel management institute in Lucknow will let the students practice grooming skills by learning the basics of hygiene, skin care, corporate dressing, etiquettes, mannerism, makeup, and other essential grooming tips and tricks. Under the guidance of our grooming instructor, each student will be able to practice grooming standards independently.

Customer relationship management is the best and the most effective way to maintain and create customer relationships. Customer relationship management goes beyond business, and it also helps build strong personal bonds.

The curriculum of IAHR hospitality courses in Lucknow will teach you, how to manage customer relationships. This includes customer types, customer orientation, building customer values, handling customer complaints, and customer handling techniques. You will be trained in CRM by specialised trainers using practical methods such as role-playing, group exercises, and capacity-building.

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IAHR is led by a team of committed professionals with domain-specific expertise in their respective fields. The team consists of individuals who have hands-on experience in the field of aviation, hospitality and retail for decades.

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